SAG Awards 2018: a metallic-pink parade

By Jen.

After a Golden Globes ceremony full of black and awesome interpretation of the color, as part of the #TimesUp movement, it was refreshing to see the color get back to the red carpet. As it happens often, the evening had clear trends, and last night was a shiny parade of metallics and all sahes of pink, from nude to hot pink. By the way, we need to mention with joy and surprise how many actresses chose to wear bright tone, which made them look fabulous. Color will always be a huge yes!
The whole metallic trend was so big that even two actresses wore pretty much the same dress. We would talk about that later though, because truth to be told, neither was as spectacular to make it to our list. Why? Because you have to remember our standard for award shows goes beyond pretty or ugly, in such big events, we need to go for what we consider would be truly memorable. So, with that in mind, scroll down to see our list of best and worst of the 2018 SAG Awards, and also those cases of  "it wasn't that good or bad, but we have to talk about it".


Lupita  Nyong'o in Ralph & Russo

The godess that she is, she made us wait and showed up almost at the end to take our breathes away. We already know that her thing is to break the rules in spectacular ways, and we've seen her more than once wearing dark colors with style. This dress not only looks like it was made on her, but also has a layer of tulle that toned down the bling a little bit and finished in the perfect amount of feathers. And as if that wasn't enough, she topped it off with perfect hair and makeup. 

Halle Berry in Pamella Rolland

Another fashionably late, and this time the biggest surprise of the evening. We know she has what it takes to be the star in every red carpet, that's why we were so pissed seeing her in that trashy baby doll from the Golden Globes. This time, though, she paid her duties in any way possible. Following her personal trend of mixing see through-nude and black, she gave us a dress with just the right amount of sparkle and drama. The best part is that if you take the tulle skirt it would still be beautiful, so you have the interesting two-dress possibility. 

Odeya Rush en Dior

A common silhouette freshened up with a bold edgy print. We love the fact that she let such a stunning dress shine and didn't put on heavy hair and makeup, nor big jewelry. She looks sweet and bad ass, you can't take your eyes off her.
Margot Robbie in Miu Miu

This one was tricky. After her femme fatale phase, Margot has been given us fashion choices that are thought to suit her new star status and everything has worked beautifully so far, specially because of that elegant flare she has. If it was Jennifer Lawrence on this dress, we would be saying something completely different (maybe Emma Stone could be the other woman on earth able to work this out). Anywhere you look, this is a complicated dress to wear: it's not only that it covers the waist but it also focuses completely on this area, WITH FEATHERS. And even so, the woman looks like a million dollars. NASA should be conducting research on her, like for real.

Yara Shahidi in Ralph Lauren
It's almost a fact now that every red carpet will have an attempt to make pants work, with a suit or a jumpsuit. The pants lover in my is always thrilled to see this, specially as perfectly executed as this one. Color, silhouette, drama... everything is perfect, and Yara crowns it with her fierce attitude, the pop of color on the lips and her gorgeous natural hair. This looks so good we're gonna let go the hair part at the middle. 
Kristen Bell in J Mendel
For the first time ever, there was a lead host for the SAG Awards. And of top of that, the first one was a woman! Kristen Bell knew she had to slay and she did it from her first change (throughout the show she also wore amazing stuff). A bright color with interesting details and accessories that let the dress shine through, although we loved the degrade effect of the clutch. If you take the print off this dress it would probably be another cute one, but it wouldn't been enough... and that waist is just beautiful.

Sadie Sink en Chanel Couture
We have to give this little girl a prize because she pulled off a Chanel Couture that no one could've imagined would look this good. Thanks to her pale skin, the whole idea made her look like an age-appropiate angel. She's a cute porcelain figurine that we want to take home right now. 

Natalia Dyer en Dior
Lately, Maria Grazia Churi has been fascinated by astrology, as some of our followers noticed on Twitter (I also thought it could be a Valentino, since you know, you can't tell the difference anymore) and this girl turned out looking young, fun and ven a little geek, just like the show she is in.

Kate Hudson in Valentino
Some really needs to perform an intervention on Kate Moss, like... now. I need an explanation of how he went to red carpet expert to THIS. This dress looks like the cross of a monk and Polly Pocket, and on top of that, it has hearts instead of dots. Ew. Kate, please, you have the Academy Awards to make emmand, I'm begging you!!!

Brie Larson in Gucci
She's nos really known for any big red carpet moments, but this is just ugly. It has print, metallic and a line of crystals that look like they were put together with bubble gum, topped with the most pathetic bow in history. And if that wasn't enough, her makeup artist used the Homer Simpson Gun on her. Speaking of terrible makeup, can someone start a petition on for a blue eye shadow ban? 

Molly Sims
I couldn't find who designed this dress and I think is better than I didn't because the responsible for this deserves a law suit. Somewhere in Spain there's a sad teenager looking for that 90's flamenco dress her aunt gave her. Although it's better if she doesn't find it, because this disaster should not see the day of light anymore. The saddest part is that the accessories were actually cute and didn't deserve to be displayed so poorly. If she would've worn a bath rope and those earrings, I would forgive her.

Chrissy Metz in Kate Spade
Fantastic color and... no, that's it. Someone got excited with the ruffles, the train, the flowers, and whoever was screwed up. Chrissy, darling, call Octavia Spencer, she knows the good stuff...

Taylor Schilling 
Do you remember been little and getting in your mom's closet to play with her dresses and 'adjusting' it with a sheet so it wouldn't fall off? Well, this is what happened with Taylor Schilling's awful idea. On top of the that, she should get a fine for the ugliest smokey eye ever. 

Millie Bobby Brown in Calvin Klein by Appointment
At the Golden Globes everyone said she looked too mature for her age. Solution? Let's put Converse on her! Well, that's what her team (that we just knew it also includes her parents). If we're been honest, the dress is not that bad and even put together two big trends of the night: pink and sparkle, but it looks cheap and that train has to go. Oh well, what really have to go are those buns on her hair that made her look like Baby Spice. 

Laura Linney in J Mendel
Laura Linney wanted to pull off a Gwyneth Paltrow and well... at least we hope she now knows you have to respect some things in life.

Renée Bargh en Alex Perry
Daenerys Targaryen meets Elsa from Frozen... and they went down to hell together. It is a real miracle that she didn't step on those horrible sleeves

Special Mentions

Saoirse Ronan in Louis Vuitton
We've been seeing some sort of Cate Blanchett aura, because of how elegant and out-of-this-earth she looks. And even though this dress doesn't deserve to be burned, it is a weird idea that doesn't look good from all the angles. If you see it from the side, it looks like she has fins, and I don't think that's something you want to accomplish with a dress.

Nicole Kidman in Armani

This dress is impeccably filled with details and deserves a standing ovation, but even Nicole Kidman can come out triumphant with that odd length. I just don't see the need off ruining a perfectly beautiful piece like this.  

Mandy Moore in Ralph Lauren 
Did you see how blue was another stellar color of the evening? Mandy Moore followed a no-brainier here: a simple dress in a stunning color.  And although it's really pretty and it has a little bit of sparkle, it's not really a special dress. It's like that friend who always looks ok but never really stands out.

Danielle Brooks in Marc Bouwer
After you process the red eye shadow, everything else is a hit. This dress flaunts her curves and focuses on the plunging neckline for the perfect amount of skin. The only reason that she's on this list is because we're not totally mad about the color combination.  Maybe emerald green or dark purple? No matter that detail, is a great lesson for those plus size girls who are afraid of wearing textures. 

Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph & Russo
This dress dreserves an award for the most perfect draped EVER. And that sort of cape falling off her shoulder is just stunning. But why, oh Tracee, why did you wear white shoes? If you would've chosen silver or nude sandals, you would've taken the throne. 

Vanessa Kirby in Valentino
Princess Margaret from The Crown played her also off screen and wore a dress with a rebel avant-garde princess. However, the eye makeup is a little heavy and the wet hair effect came out more like 'I haven't washed my hair in a week'.

Allison Brie en David Dundas
When we saw her coming, we thought it was beautiful (we even tweeted about her). But when she turned around, we had our doubts. The side cut-out is not really flatteing and doesn't make any sense. And can you please explain the stripper heels? Which by the way we wouldn't see if it wouldn't been for that side slit. See? Some things are just not made to be seen. 

Mary J Blige in Jean Louis Sabaji
Mary J spend so much time thinking about her fitting (although the dress could lose the long sleeve) that didn't have time to fix her hair. I can't think of any other reason why she would show up with those three-week old roots.

Bonus track: Bitch Stole My Look! 
We always like to bring you different things and this time we bring you a case study for bitch stole my look with two different dresses. As you already know, metallics were a big hit at the SAGs and some ladies thought of showing up completely covered in gold or silver. Case in point: Allison Janney with a Yanian Couture dress with some volume on the shoulders, and later we saw Natalie Zea with pretty much the same idea.  The dresses are separated for a couple of details (mostly the shoulders and the fact that Janney's is made of some sort of sequins, while Natalie's has metallic fabric. But truth to be told, none of these two loos memorable. They both look stuck and not enjoying the situation.

And that's our lists! Did we miss anyone? You have something to say?  Always love to read  the comments. And don't forget that we still have two more red carpets, the Grammys and the Academy Awards. Join us on Twitter and Instagram!

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