SAG Awards 2020: a red carpet with a little bit of everything

By Meli.
When we say that there was a little bit of everything, we mean it: there was glamour, volume, princesses, prints, glitter, disasters, and dissapointments. But that's just how we like it because then we can have choices to fill out lists.

Best Dressed

Julia Butters in Dsquared2 
This might be the first time we put someone so young at the top of this list (she's only 10)... But look at her! This is not only the coolest and funniest look of the night, but it is also incredibly aged appropriate: not revealing nor wannabe-sexy, it doesn't try to make her look older, like she was playing grown-up  

Allison Janney in Pamella Roland 
I think this is the greatest neckline I've seen in a while. Besides the absolute elegance that this look exudes, it has a perfect fit and it looks like it wasn't sawn, but rather painted over her body.

Alexis Bledel in Temperley London
Our dearest 'Rory' is not really on our fashion radar, but she finally made it with an outfit that is delightful and memorable. It not only has a beautiful color that complements her skin tone, but the dress itself is fascinating, thanks to its various elements, without being too much. As a beautiful crowning, the vertical lines of the appliques make a gorgeous hourglass silhouette on her.

Nicole Kidman in Michael Kors Collection
Wining color, simple silhouette, just the right amount of leg, interesting ruffles and SPECTACULAR shoes... seriously, you cannot ask for more. 

Scarlett Johansson in Armani Prive
Chiping in with the sexy look of the night, Scarlett, goes a step beyond and is not only smoking hot to make a fashion statement with the details of her dress, like the pleats in her hips, absolutely exquisite.

Laura Dern in Stella McCartney
At the Golden Globes it was all about the big sleeves. Laura Dern brought that idea on her dress and it was completely on point. We loved the color (because is unusual and flattering) and the mesh detail under the breast area that looked carefully and beautifully made when looked at closely.

Worst Dressed

Patricia Arquette
We don't know what happened here, whose fault this was, or who hates her so much to let her go out looking like this. Whatever reason this happened for, someone should be fire...

Margot Robbie in Chanel
It's possible that she mixed up the invitations to the SAG and Sunday brunch with friends because this dress is more for the latter and we can't really find another explanation but a lapse in judgment. Let's not even dig into this ugly dress... and those necklaces... eeek.

Yvonne Strahovski in Khyeli
Someone had a good idea that ended up poorly executed. The proportions on this look are terrible, the waist is too tight, and the neckline looks like it was done last minute. This is all wrong.

Christina Applegate in Monique Lhuillier
If this red carpet had a bit of everything, Christina's dress had TOO MUCH of everything: print, moch neck, long sleeves, bubble sleeves, a bow, a train, draping, cuffs.... oooff, it is exhasuting just to right about it, but I think she must've been more exhausted after fighting with that thing, it was eating her!!!!

Cara Buono in Bibhu Mohapatra
Looking at it quickly you'd think it's not that bad, but the closer you look, the more you realize everything that is wrong with it: the exposed bustier looks cheap, the length is weird, it's missing accessories, the makeup is too heavy in the eyes, the hair looks boring and those feathers looked perpetually sad. It's a big no. 

Nathalie Emmannuel in Miu Miu
This looks like the Christmas present for a 4-year old that loves dolls. 

Special Mentions

Millie Bobby Brown in Louis Vuitton
If Millie was in her 30s we would've put her at the top of the list. This outfit is beautiful, interesting and risqué enough for a red carpet, besides having the perfect fit, the whole ensemble is simple and chic enough and the shoes are gorgeous. BUT SHE IS FIFTEEN. And if the dress you're wearing makes you look twice your age, we got a problem.

Dakota Fanning in Valentino
Dakota looks just out of an indie show of The Little Mermaid, where instead of under the sea everyone lives in a very glamourous hippie villa. I don't know if that is good or bad, though.

Amanda Brugel in Sebastian Gunawan
Hi, Amanda, darling! I didn't know you but I love you already. Please, keep on bringing your fabulosity in upcoming red carpets. Those emerald sleeves are everything. Love, your new biggest fan, Meli.

Joey King in Jason Wu Collection
This dress has a serious problem: it is easy to make look bad in photos. The one we posted on Twitter during the live event was looking very ugly, while in other pictures you can see that it is actually flattering. Though it would never be as good as the dress she wore fot the Golden Globes, but it was worth mentioning her.

Jennifer Aniston in John Galliano for Christian Dior
This look is worth mentioning not only because it is one of the rare occasions in which Aniston is not wearing a black dress nor for being a beautiful vintage dress, but because, unlike the majority of the dresses a celebrity wears down the red carpet, this one is not borrowed. The actress told reporters that it is a gift to herself. And she's going to look like this every time she owns a gown, we're down for that. She clearly was dress to win.

Winona Ryder in Christian Dior Haute Couture
Jen, who was in charge of tweeting during the SAG red carpet, said that Winona looked coming striaght from a funeral. Well, I think she was coming for her toxic ex's funeral because if you ask me, she looked great. I wish to be able to show up looking so fierce at my enemy's funeral.

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  1. En gustos se rompen generos porque para mi el modelo de Christina Applegate en Monique Lhuillier quiero uno porque solo tengo pantalón de mezclilla de mujer sin despreciar a las demas.