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This year's red carpet season started very early, and it was the first one of a month in which we are going to have several award ceremonies until late February with the Academy Awards, and we will also include our Haute Couture review and some other things that we have yet to write for you (all along with the second submission of our thesis, God help us!) and of course we hope you like them!

Although if we think about this particular start... is not like we have high hopes. Unlike other years, 2019 was not a ceremony that took our breaths away whatsoever, for good or for bad. This year, personal styles made a comeback after a 2018 red carpet colored in black as the result of the #TimesUp movement that fights for equality for women in Hollywood, but that doesn´t mean there were no statements through the clothes displayed in the red carpet, especially the white celebrating the 100th anniversary of the women's suffragist movement, with choices that were a total hit and some others that just let us with a bunch of questions...

Best Dressed

Sofia Carson in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

It is very pleasant to see young actresses committing to a certain look and evolve it and sharpen it over time. With Sofia Carson is something I like to call 'modern princess': a bit of Disney kid, sweet and elegant, that starts getting classier and classier with high fashion and an edge that this Gianbattista Valli translates perfectly. We like all of it: color, silhouette and even the tulle detail of the bodice, along with the most perfect red lips that we have seen in a while.

Dakota Fanning in Armani Privé

Speaking of modern princesses... here's Dakota Fanning showing everyone how it's done with this Armani Prive that looks like it was sawn all over her. It's been a while since we saw such a perfect fit. Besides, the color is perfect for her skin tone and the overall look is so well put together that we will pretend we didn't see the hair part down the middle...

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture 

If you can expect one thing from Charlize Theron is absolute perfection, and we're glad to report that she fulfilled our expectations. From head to toe (see, there's life beyond the hair parted down the middle) this look is perfection. The contrast between black and white is always a winner and the cut out at front with a high neck is a great balance. We also love the fact that she decided to wear rings and bracelets and leave the bow shine with simple earrings.

Julia Roberts in Stella McCartney 

Ok,kill me if you want, but this one is actually Melissa's decision. She loved it beyond words, to the point of saying this is one of Julia Roberts' personal bests. Me, on the other hand... I see it and I think is edgy, I always love to see pants on the red carpet, but I don't think nude was the best choice for this particular outfit. Just imagine it in emerald green... it totally changes. However, I do have to say the fit and cut of the pants were perfect.

Regina King in Alberta Ferreti Limited Edition

How do we have to kill to have this body? Seriously. With that body, she took care of the rest: make it shine, literally, with a dress that hugs her curves and has a beautiful pink color that goes perfectly with her skin. Some might have commented that the sparkle was too much, but when else, if not a red carpet are you suppossed to wear something sparkly? Please! 

Catherine Zeta Jones in Elie Saab Haute Couture

You know us, give us a jewel color and you have our hearts. And that's how Catrherine Zeta-Jones made us fall for her dress, that and a stylist that takes all the ovation for making the red carpet look be even better than the runway one, getting rid of the sleeves that would've been too much for Catherine's height. The draping at the front of the dress is such an intricate work, and the slit at the side is enough, not too high. Bravo, Catherine!

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy Haute Couture 

A VERY interesting dress that, being black, we could've easily obverlooked if it wasn't for the jacket, the perfect touch to make this look unforgettable. The fit is flawless and the cutouts of the top play with that sexy yet elegant feeling that black embodies so well, and also goes perfectly with Rosamund's sophisticated allure. 

Octavia Spencer in Christian Siriano

Always willing to take risks, Octavia took a step back from her almost usual Tadashi Shoji twear a dress from Christian Siriano, who loves to dress different women and bodies. The result is something we can't but admire: a dress that is interesting for its texture and neckline, and a skirt that challenges that 'rule' of plus size women avoiding A-line skirt. Here, instead of adding volume, the silhouette balances her figure. Gorgeous.

Worst Dressed
Kristin Cavalieri in Amen

When Jennifer Lopez saw her (we assume sitting on a couch cuddling with A-Rod because she decided to pass on the carpet this year) she started yelling because she knew who broke into her closet and stole her dress. We know everything, Kristin, those sloppy sleeves rat you out.

Anne Hathaway in Elie Saab 

She let Cat Woman take over and everything went down hill from there. And let me tell you that if this is a sort of new direction for Elie Saab, I´m not buying it. It's a shame because she looks so happy wearing that hideous thing. 

Gina Rodriguez in Reem Acra

This dress looks so, so cheap that I'm sure the rhinestones from the front are to stick to it with superglue. I swear to God. And oh, let's not even mention the fact that she thought the skirt was appropriate to dance. Please.. 

Debra Messing in Pamela Rolland

Welcome to a new episode of Frankendress, starring Debra Messing as the woman who was swalloed by a thousand feathers. This dress has a cape, feathers, crystals, mesh accents... like Melissa said, all it is missing is a LED light and an antena.

Lucy Liu in Galia Lahav

The dress itself is not unbeareable, but that 'cape', that looks more like a rejected piece of tulle from the atelier, ruined it all. Maybe it was too cold and she needed a blanket?

Caitriona Balfe in Moschino
Jeremy Scott is not our favorite guy... precisely because of things like this. A weird velvet skirt with the wrong lenght...crowned with heavy shoes and bobby pins on her head. Is there really someone that could look and say: you look gorgeous? Really?

Janelle Monae in Chanel 

You have no idea how much this hurts. We have always said Janelle Monae can pull off anything, but this is so ugly not even her can make it work. The dress is from the Chanel Pre-Fall 2019 collection, inspired by Egypt, but it doesn't have ONE thing we would approve: the neck looks like an biblical lettuce, and that thing on her head reminds us how the egyptians saw the aliens. The only good thing is the make-up, but sadly is not enough.

Judy Greer in Alberta Ferreti
"I knosw my moral compass is not always pointing North, but if I see something wrong is because it is..." Judy Greer should've known better and listened to Casey, her alter ego in 27 Dresses, before wearing this sad attempt of a tuxedo and crowned it with the hairdo I wear when I haven't washed my hair in four days. 

Special Mentions

Saoirse Ronan in Gucci 

Meli thought it was boring, but I thought it was edgy and beautiful. The resource of the little chains is not new, it is actually very similar to the one Zuleyka Rivera wore in 2006 when she won Miss Universe, just without the slit which is precisely what elevates the look of the Lady Bird actress. I like the 'wet hair' look with the hair parted on the side and also the spectacular Chopard earrings. I think I should've fought Meli on this one.

Claire Foy in Miu Miu 
I loved the Old Hollywood idea, with the 30's inspired hair and all, but Melissa says the color wasn't for her (picture it in red, ot totally changes, she said). To me, yellow is perfect for her skin tone and I loved the redish tone of the lips that was dark enough to not clash with the yellow.

Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein by Appointment

She's here because there is no more space in the best dressed list, but as usual, Lupita killed it. A great color, details and proportions on the dress that make everything a winner look. If we'd had to choose a detail that we didn't like, we'd have to say is the blue mascara, because this is not 2005 nor Teen Vogue, Lupita, please. 

Lady Gaga in Valentino Haute Couture

First things first: that 'runway' look that is going around comparing it to this one is not the one Gaga is really wearing. That being said, this is the dress of someone who knows all eyes will be on her (even if she doesn't deserve to win anything beyong the Original Song). The dress is stunning, like a haute couture Cinderella... but why on earth did you have to dye your hair blue? Really, there was no need, Stephanie... 

Heidi Klum in Monique Lhuillier 

From naked dresses to cheesy princess dresses with floral appliques. There are no medium sides with Heidi, but we thank her for trying something new and not displaying her crotch along the way... 

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

That nude formula with spark has always being part of Emma's DNA, but this time she borrowed a dress three times bigger and that car crashed against a wall. And no, the belt doesn't cover it. 

Jamie Lee Curtis in Alexander Wang

It's really unbelievable that we have to clarify this but here it goes: we never said nor thought that Jamie Lee Curtis looks 'old' with that hair color. While tweeting the red carpet we said we didn't like her hair and people freaked out saying we were age-shaming her, that if it was a guy we wouldn't say the same. Well, first of all, you don't know that, and second, what we meant to say is that the color looked very fake. Or I meant to say that, because Meli said what bother hair was the hairstyle, not the color. But yes, she is on this list because of her hair... that in our opinion does not go with the dress at all. So you can hate us, but there's that... 

Sandra Oh in Versace

The hostess of the night had to look the part and she did... but she is on this list because you know us: a dress does not only have to be beautiful, it also has to be memorable, and honestly I'm not going to remember this next week.

And there you have it, our very subjective review of the Golden Globes red carpet. Don't forget to leave your comments and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for our live comments during award season. Cheers to a 2019 full of great fashion!

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