Good (and nude) surprises at the 2018 Oscars

By Meli.

With all eyes on the possibility of a solidarity dress code on the last red carpet of the season, expectations were higher than normal. At the end, the actresses showed their sympathy towards different causes in other ways (pins, especially) and the range of options was as broad as usual.

However, trends became evident as they do every year: a lot of white, nude and metallic, with a couple of surprises, both good and bad. Here we give you our selection.

Best dressed

Nicole Kidman – Armani Prive
At this point we are sure that Nicole Kidman will go down in history as one of the most stylish women on the red carpet. Although some of their choices cross the line and end up in exaggeration, most of the time she is first on this list, as today. She looks so spectacular I don’t even care about the stupid looing hairstyle.

Lupita Nyongo – Versace
I think there was no more perfect choice for Lupita on this earth. Not only is it visually interesting and out of the ordinary, but it also carries an exquisite air of African royalty. Bravo!

Sandra Bullock – Louis Vuitton
Her presence on this list surprises us for two reasons: first, it's Louis Vuitton; and second, she is usually not considered among the most prominent on the red carpet. However, a quick look at her looks in different galas shows us, as on this occasion, that she has a lot of style.

Jane Fonda – Balmain
One does not relate Balmain with older women, so the fact that Jane Fonda looks stunning in a dress of this French fashion house speaks better of her than of the brand. Again and again she gives us lessons of elegance, and we love it!

Zendaya – Giambattista Valli
The success of this look is both a stroke of luck and a calculated move: a blend of classic elegance with parts of a universally flattering silhouette and a contrasting tone with the skin, BUT with a touch of drama and volume to give it interest and a color which is more interesting than the eternal black but that does not look good on everyone. The mathematics behind this styling (beautifully crowned with perfect hair, makeup and accessories) results in a symphony on the red carpet.

Gal Gadot – Givenchy
Although Jen is not convinced by the necklace, the image in general is impeccable. The glamor of the 20s –with the dropped waist, fringes and the shape and depth of the neckline– favors her enormously and makes her a walking dream.

Paz Vega – Christopher Bu
This time I’m the one unconvinced with this look is me, but this is a two–people blog and it's only fair that she appears on this list because of the emotional reaction Jen had by seeing this look. To its credit, I can say that it is one of the most interesting things that appeared on that red carpet, and is refreshing to see this type of risk.


Saoirse Ronan – Calvin Klein by Appointment
We believe in women dressing in the most favorable way for their age, but in this case, the dress turns a 23-year-old woman into a 15-year-old girl with dreams of being a fashionista when she grows up. It seems like an evolved (but not enough) version of what Millie Bobby Brown wore to the SAG Awards.

Viola Davis – Michael Kors
Some criticized the hair (we do not understand why, we love it), and we have to admit that the color makes a beautiful contrast with her skin, but it does not look elegant enough for an event of this magnitude and the construction of the bust makes it look inexpensive.

Salma Hayek – Gucci
To paraphrase Miranda Presley from 'The Devil Wears Prada': Salma Hayek? On the worst dressed list? Groundbreaking. We are not surprised that she chose a busy and confusing dress AGAIN, what amazes us is how consistent she is in that type of choice. When is this going to stop?!

Andra Day – Zac Posen
Andra Day's stylist hates her. The End.

St. Vincent – Saint Laurent
Some called it risky, others called it hypnotic, we call it plain ridiculous.

Taura Stinson
The problem is not her weight or her figure, the problem is that she chose the least flattering dress on the face of the earth. She could have looked as the beautiful voluptuous woman she is, but instead, she ended up looking like she was wrapped in an extremely expensive garbage bag.

Blanca Blanco
Is a mystery to us the thought process that led her to say “What I need to shine in the Oscars is to go naked!”. But what intrigues us even more is how no one around her loves her enough to tell her NO.

Menciones especiales

Margot Robbie – Chanel Couture
We can’t put her on the worst dressed list because she is not, but there is nothing to rescue from this dress. A silhouette lacking grace, a shade of white that does not make her shine, a simpleton hairstyle and a garland from the dollar store hanging uncomfortably on the arms.

Allison Janey – Reem Acra 
I love Jen so much that I gave up putting Allison Janey in the best dressed list because she thinks the sleeves are too long and the clutch looks cheap. For my part I love with madness and unbridled passion everything I see in that photo: the color fills her with life, the fitting is impeccable and the complements give her the perfect final touch. I said it as soon as I saw her in the broadcast: she got dressed to go on that stage and pick up her Oscar.

Elizabeth Moss – Dior
This look was a few inches away from perfection. Specifically, a few inches in the bust so that her boobs didn’t looked vacuum packed.

Natalia Lafourcade – Francisco Cancino 
If I'm honest, I don’t know if I liked the look as such, or I just loved how happy and adorable she looked. In any case, we would’ve liked to see a touch of color to make us completely happy.

Emma Stone – Louis Vuitton
And this, dear friends, is the WRONG way to wear a pantsuit on the Oscars’ red carpet. It's as if she thought it was not worth the effort because she was not nominated, and that's why she ended up with an extremely casual outfit, with strange details on the jacket, a touch of color that does not help at all and a tie on the waist that makes her look squared.

Jennifer Garner – Atelier Versace
We were pleasantly surprised to see her so beautiful, vibrant, colorful and generally regal on the red carpet. More of this, please!

Taraji P Henson – Vera Wang
Those who read me know that I am convinced that extreme nudity is the enemy of elegance. However, there are times in life when we must rethink our own beliefs. That moment is now and what I will say next I will never repeat: TARAJI P. HENSON IS NAKED AND SHE LOOKS SO FIERCE I DON’T CARE AT ALL.

In that note we conclude this post and this year's red carpet season, which in all left us more joy than sorrow. What do you think of our choices? Tell us in the comments and thanks to those who joined us on Twitter to comment live. Do not forget to follow us on social media for more exclusive content. Until next time!

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