Grammys 2019: Avant Garde and Costumes Altogether

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If I'm being completely honest, out of all the red carpets the Grammy is my least favorire to talk about. First of all, because lately is just full of people I have no idea of (I'm old, I know), and second because it has become a parade of ridiculous costumes that, frankly, is annoying. However, we know you like it... and you know we would do anything for you, right?!

The good thing about the Grammys, though, is that like any other red carpet related to music, it allowd certain experimentation with the garments that would look terrible in other spaces say... the Academy Awards. In here, we want to see glitter, bold attitudes, over the top outfits... although everything within a frame that don't cross the line to crazy. Something that happens more often than not.

That is why this time, instead of talking about best and worst, we're going to divide them into three categories: the bold, the boring and the just... no.

The bold ladies of the carpet

Cardi B in vintage Thierry Mugler (1995 and 1997)
Los looks de Cardi vs. los looks originales. Gracias a Mafe (@theinexpert) por la foto

Ok, we're not the biggest Cardi fans here, but we have to admit that the woman committed to the causa and gave good ictures and a subject to talk about... besides a good fashion moment. The three outfits are from the 1995 (red carpet and stage outfit) and 1997 (white look) Thierry Mugler Couture collection, a collaboration that took the experts by surprise, given the reputation of the house of not lending those garments for any celebrity. In fact, according to a press release quoted by Refinery29, "it is the second time in 25 years that the house presented several looks from the archives to dress a celebrity". However, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Mugler collection inspired by the Venus of Boticelli, which is going to be the frame for major exhibitions like the one in the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal. This tells us two things: first, that Cardi B's stylist (who according to Vogue is obssesed with Mugler and insisted many times in this collaboration) is not only great at his job but also that has a great eye for what works and can actually make headlines. Second, this moment is the reaffirmation of Cardi B's importance and the growth of her name. We can imagine there were not few celebrities asking for this... and not few that were denied of it. Pretty or not... that is not the point. The point is... this is a fashion statement.

Janelle Monae in Jean Paul Gaultier

After a couple of unfortunate and painful appereances, our queen is back and slaying in a look signed by Jean Paul Gaultier that only she can rock, just like everything she wears. This dress, being voluminous on the sleeves, has the perfect balance with the spiked shoulders, which gives it an elongation effect, something that makes her look powerful. The accesories are the icing on the cake, although we could live without the shoes: I would've prefered sandals and, especially, something that wasn't black. 
Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph & Russo 

It's always great to see vivid colors on the red carpet and on the case of Tracee, it is fascinating to see her with that sartorial grace, that superstar allure that you rarely see these days, especially not at the Grammys. The snake embellishment elevates a 'simple' green suit to the category of 'a dress that you wear to the Grammys and make everyone else look dull'. 

Kylie Jenner in Balmain Haute Couture

Melissa talked to us last week about the return of Balmain to Haute Couture (and yelled at me for not remembering it) and mentioned how, facing a lack of strong inspiration, Olivier Rousteing played teh card of exageration in a collection that ended up being more costume than real fashion. However, that is exactly the reason why Balmain is perfect for the Grammys. And given Olivier's friendship with the Kardashians, it was only logical than one of them was wearing Balmain on the red carpet or, as Melissa said, that ugly Balmain. The sleeves-gloves don´t bother me, but what is really wrong is the fit of those pants, looking like a sack of potatoes. Better luck next time, Kylie.

JLo in Ralph & Russo

This is more complicated than ot looks like. For starters, we like the fact that JLo seems to have ran away from the femme-fatale-way-too-naked dresses and aligned with something more high fashion. On the other hand, this hat is a problem because it covers her face and it feels disconnected from the rest of the outfit. Would it have had the same impact without? We'll never know, but we would've liked seen it.

Katy Perry in Balmain

Another one of the Balmain ladies (someone is pushing it huh?) and another one that looks like she is wearing at costume. The proportions of this dress (just like Kylie's) are strange and the bodice looks too tight, just about to pop something out. And also, can we talk about the lip fillers? Because things are getting out of control...

Camila Cabello in Armani Privé

A simple dress with touched of sparkle, a chill hairdo and a killer back, everything that makes it go from normal to perfect for the Grammys. A detail: Camila used the same resource than Janelle, pointing the shape of the shoulders to create the illusion of a longer silhouette in a more demure, yet effective way. 

The yawning parade
Lady Gaga in Celine (yes, Celine with no accent) 

 I'm ready for the trolls, but this red carpet season seems like Gaga's creativity left the building. That is the only explanation for her use of the most overrated designer of our days for a dress that can't even look more interesting while being silver. Gaga, please, a bigger effort for ths Oscars.

Kelsea Ballerini in Jenny Packham

This happens when your friends say casual and you think you're secretly going to your bff's wedding. 

Dua Lipa en Versace

Wedding guest number 2. When the only thing Grammy-worthy on your outfit is your manicure, we have a problem. 

Nina Dobrev in Dior

Heidy left the countrysise and attended the Grammys... hair net included and all. 

Alicia Keys in Armani Privé

Anything that she wore on stage would've been a better idea. We love Armani Privé, but their aesthetics, like with this dress, is not really Grammy material. If we put it in the Golden Globes we've been saying something different, but here it only looks like it's missing something... if not a lot. The hair, however, is perfection. 

Rashida Jones in Ralph Lauren

The daughter of one the artists with more flow and favor in the workd picked up a Grammy for a documentary about him... looking like she rolled out of bed on a Sunday to make pancakes. This is wrong. 

Just... no.

Toni Braxton i3n Elie Madi

The naked see-through dress is so 2010, and if we add the unwanted nipple and the stupid hair, you have the perfect recipe for ugly. 

Ashanti in Afffair

Welcome to a new episode of Frankendress, starring Ashanti in an outfit that is half couch cushion and half duvet cover, finished with a make-up that looks like its missing a fake eyelash on a side. 

Jada Pinkett in Roberto Cavalli Couture 

As someone who has grown up looking at feathered dresses, I can say that this is, by far, saddest feather train that I have seen. That, and the fact that it is attached to a bodysuit with glitter on the botton, makes it an unexcusable dress.

Miley Cyrus in Thierry Mugler

The fit of the torso is good... and that is it. The sleeves look like they're about to swallow her, and the length of the pants is wrong. We do like the hair and make up, but the rest is just no. 

Jeannie Mai in Balmain

Everyone has the right to show as many skin as they want, but this is just ugly. Besides, it looks like Jeanie got inspired by Meghan Markle, choosing the only dress in the Balmain collection that wrinkles and guides our eyes to look the few things that she actually covered. 

And because we know everyone is going to talk about it... we will do it, too. We're going to talk about Andrea Echeverri.

Those who are familiar with Aterciopelados know that Andrea Echeverri is known for her music and her eccentric outfits, she even has made appereances with pieces inspired in indigenous work, but she always finds the perfect idea to stand out. And of course, this time was no different. There were very few chances that Andrea would make a difference on the red carpet, unless it was something very particular. And what can it be more particular than a gramophone? The outfit is a design by Paula Pérez. the artist that has worked with Aterciopelados and was simply the perfect costume. Ugly? Probably. But it made viral content for a band that didn't really have much chance to shine. Andrea became a meme, and that is big these days.

And that was our Grammy selection. Did we miss anyone? Don't forget that we will be commenting the red carpets live in our Twitter, come join us!

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