Cannes 2018: Let the marathon begin!

By Jen

Cannes is beautiful and exhausting at the same time. It is amazing because it's a constant parade of gorgeous dresses, but it presents a challenge because it's two weeks of nonstop red carpets, with actresses changing outfits twice a day, resulting in a list of dresses that is very hard to judge (especially because they're all amazing)

However, Cannes is still one of our favorite events of the year, mostly because here "Go big or go home" is the norm, and, at least to us, that is key in an event like this one. In the end, we are left with a group of incredible dresses and others that are "just pretty"... but they all shine for some reason.

And to us, that was the key factor for this first part (yes, we're going to have a second one because is two weeks of dresses): memorable pieces. On this post we are not talking about best or worst, just about actresses and their dress choices... ones amazing and other ones... not so much. Let's begin!

Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive, Givenchy Couture, Mary Katranzou and Iris Van Harpen

Fashion heaven has to have a spot with Cate's name because no one can doubt that this woman is a goddess. Although every year she makes our hearts drop with her choices, 2018 is special because of her position as part of the jury, which puts a little more pressure to look spectacular, not that that is a challenge for her. It is very clear that she enjoys dressing up in pieces with a twist (like the back on that Armani suit) or others that are completely editorial, like the Iris Van Herpen. And though Meli did not love the Mary Katranzou dress, I can only say that I love it for two reasons: a) it's not an easy silhouette to pull off and b) the pattern of the dress, inspired by the 'paint by numbers' books is simply witty and lovely.
Kristen Stewart in Chanel (three times) 
This relationship of Kristen and Chanel is one of those things that you get right once... after getting it wrong about five times. The black dress is a perfect match with her rebel allure, and her hair and makeup game is a winner, too. The second choice is pretty simple, you can't go wrong with a tweed suit (certainly not a Chanel one) and again, it has great hair and makeup to back it up. However... the silver look is a no-no, it looks like Zendaya's leftovers from the MET Gala. Moreover, I'm sure she took her shoes off not only as a protest but also because who on earth thinks the right choice for silver is black pumps? Kristen stylist... obviously. Dull. 
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Rami Kadi and Michael Cinco Couture

When you've reported on Cannes long enough, you know that the word "extra" comes with Indian actresses, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the most brilliant stars of the Bollywood crew. This time she started "low key" with a column dress with the fair amount of glitter... nothing really far from what we're used to (from her). But everything reached Nirvana when she showed up in that Michael Cinco Couture number, really! It's like a chic exquisite butterfly, for which we're going to overlook the hairdo because no one can be perfect... not even Indian butterflies.

Fan Bing Bing in Osman and Alexis Mabille

Bollywood actresses take the lead in Cannes, but the Asians give them a run for their money every year. Among them, Fan Bing Bing is one of our favorites and these two outfits show why. The first one is so ethereal that it makes her look like a porcelain doll, beautifully finished with red lips, which is the only pop of color she needs. The second one is pure glamour... but it could've been better. We would've liked to see it in a different fabric, something more fluid for that silhouette. But we love you, Fan, keep them coming!

Bella Hadid in Dior Couture and Elie Saab
After two years, Bella Hadid realized that it was important to go FULLY DRESSED to Cannes. Now, we just need her to do something with her eternal face of boredom... because it's getting old. Regarding her dresses, the Dior Couture number is part of the old boring princess formula, and it's really nothing special... but the Elie Saab is closer to what we expect from a model in Cannes: elegance, glitter and a twist... in this case, the pattern of the dress, really interesting and worthy of attention. 

Penélope Cruz in Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren Collection
There is no one more 'springy' this year at Cannes. No one. The pleated in that Dior dress is simply exquisite, almost imperceptible from the front and incredibly white and pristine. With the Ralph Lauren, she achieved something that is not really easy: to elevate a dress. If I would wear that, it would look like a Sunday brunch dress. Not in her, clearly, because she is a star.

Emilia Clarke in Dolce & Gabanna and Christian Dior Couture
Ok, this one is tricky. The D&G look is interesting, but it kind of gets lost in translation: it has military inspiration, buttons, lace, peplum... and white shoes. This outfit needs to lose at least 2 elements to look more cohesive and to make sense. As for the second dress, well... we've talked about the princess moment in Cannes. This one is a bit more interesting because of the color and the top, but it needed to add at least one more layer of tulle... no one is into seeing your granny panties, Emilia.
Diane Kruger in  Armani Prive (twice) and Viktor & +Rolf
Another of our Cannes sweethearts. Since the MET gala, she seems to be in love with long-train dresses. And this time she gave us two beautiful choices, both from the same house and both equally beautiful. However, if we must choose, we feel slightly inclined to the purple one, precisely because of the color. As for the pink minidress, we are not really fans, but it is always interesting to see her getting out of her comfort zone. 
Jane Fonda in Mary Katranzou, Valentino and Givenchy Couture
If I get old with half the grace of this woman... I'd know I made it in life. Because it takes grace to pull off such fashion-forward choices and make them all look appropriate and fit. The Mary Katranzou dress is a work of art that resembles a peacock and that she accomplishes to make age-appropriate with details such as the length and the sleeves. The Valentino gown, however, looks too literal and it ends up being a fancy nightgown. And the Givenchy is a great attempt... if only had the right length. And other shoes.
Naomi Campbell in Poiret

Gotta love it when a supermodel (a real one, not you Kendall) shows everyone how it's done. This dress is not long, but it's intricate enough to be considered a good choice for a gala, and even if it looks a bit naked... it's also the right amount of nakedness. This look is the perfect example of an outfit that is not necessarily dreamy, but it's interesting and works on her... until you see the feet. Naomi, we really expected more common sense on your side. *Rolls her eyes*
Salma Hayek in Gucci (twice) 

Like Meli said the other day... Salma is in the worst dressed list just for always pulling off a Salma. Someone really needs to do a serious research (maybe we'll do it) on how a woman who has access to the top houses of the industry always ends up looking like this. In these two cases, however... we kind of have a reason. None of these dresses is particularly special, but they have enough information to top them off with a necklace, Salma. And if you add the hair... you have recipe for disaster right here.
Sonam Kapoor in Vera Wang and Ralph & Russo 

"Indian actresses put the EXTRA on Cannes" part 2 of this post...

Thandie Newton in custom Vivienne Westwood and Valentino

I love prints... but this is confusing. On the former, the Vivienne Westwood dress itself is a beautiful piece, charged with a message: the pattern has all the black actors that have been part of Star Wars through history, a real statement. But everything else about this look is just confusing: heavy hair, makeup and shoes are not really a good combination with a dress that is so special it should be shinning on its own, just like she let the Valentino suit shine, with simple hair and makeup, and barely earrings.

And here we conclude the first part of our Cannes recount. Who do you want to see next? You think we're missing someone? You know we always love to see your comments!

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